The story behind the
flavor you love

The Manda family is strong and growing.

Have you tried all 12 varieties of Manda sausages?

Early Days of Manda

After starting the Manda Brothers Provisions Co. in 1947, brothers Vincent, John and Bennie Manda focused on hard work, quality products and strong community relationships. Combining their Sicilian background and Cajun influences, the brothers created uniquely flavored smoked sausages, andouille, boudin, hog head cheese and deli meats.
The Manda brothers built a long tradition of community, quality and family. We continue to believe in this philosophy and strive to maintain the flavors that started it all.

John, Vincent, and Bennie Manda (left to right) started in different professions before opening Manda Brothers Provision Co., which later became Manda Fine Meats.

We fondly remember past owners of our company – John A. Manda, Jr. and Isaura Manda, wife of Bennie Manda.

A lot has changed since the early days of Manda, including the first Manda label and early supply trucks.

A new generation of Manda

Now owned and operated by three of Vincent Manda’s grandsons, Tommy, Bobby and Steve Yarborough, Manda products are sold in 15 states. The company has 175 employees, including fourth-generation family members.
The Yarborough brothers maintain the same principles passed down by their grandfather and his brothers: exceptional service and quality products at a fair price. This shows in every package of Manda meats.